Small Group Health Coaching & Fitness Training

Trying to reach your health goals…….losing weight, eating right, getting energy back, coming off medications, finding a fitness routine you can do……. feel like a losing battle?


Join Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Trainer, Alan Murphy for a 30 small group Health Coaching program.

Attending group health coaching sessions can help you explore your personal goals while finding support and shared experiences with others at a fraction of the cost of individual sessions.  Let Coach Alan guide you down a path to wellness.


Your 30 Day program includes:

  • Review of current dietary habits

  • Goal setting program with a defined action plan to keep you on track

  • Outdoor training sessions with exercise routines for all fitness levels that you will be able to turn in daily regimen

  • The support and guidance of Coach Alan and other like-minded individuals

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1-2pm meeting in Brunswick Forest.  Small group size is limited to 8 people.  Starts Monday, October 19th

Investment in your health…. $150 

Contact Coach Alan for more details


Alan Murphy

Certified Integrative Health Coach & Fitness Trainer