Yogurt Cheesecake

Here’s a healthier version of cheesecake that you are going to love!


1 quart low fat plain or vanilla flavored yogurt (be sure that you use yogurt that has no gelatin added to it.  Organic Stoneyfield is the brand I use.

2 cups of diced fruit of choice…mango and blueberries are my favorite

Prepared graham cracker crust

Optional maple syrup for sweetening


Line a colander with coffee filters and spoon the yogurt out into into the colander.  You going to let the colander with yogurt sit over night in the fridge to allow all of the liquid of the yogurt to drain off.  You’ll to want to sit the colander on top of a bowl to catch the liquid.  The next day, simply put the yogurt in your graham cracker pie crust and top with fruit.  You can add a little maple syrup or honey to the yogurt especially if you are using plain yogurt.  Top with fresh fruit and enjoy!  The creamy texture of the yogurt will be just like cream cheese!