Give The Gift Of Health


Give your loved ones a gift that will keep on giving….a gift of health.  Integrative Health Coach, Alan Murphy, will help your loved one set, plan and achieve their health and wellness goals.  If losing weight, coming off certain medications or establishing a fitness routine needs to be a priority, Coach Alan can help!


Personal Training

One-on-One Training available in your home or your neighborhood gym.  We’ll develop your fitness goals and come up with a plan to achieve them!  $30/half hour session or $50/1 hour.  Sold in packages of 5 sessions. Contact Coach Alan directly to purchase and schedule,

Getting Back On Track

A 30 Day program that includes 5 sessions over a 30 day period. Sessions will consist of Health Coaching and Personal Training.  This program is designed to help you get back you back on track to the path of wellness.  Coach Alan will help you get started in setting goals and building an action plan to achieve them in your health coaching sessions.  In your fitness training sessions, you will learn a routine that you can follow on your own….targeting your specific physical goals not matter your current fitness level.

Investment $350

Goal Planner

A 3 Month program that includes 6 Health Coaching Sessions and 6 Personal Training Sessions.  You will develop a specific action plan to follow!  Accomplish the things you need to do to achieve the goals you have surrounding your most important asset….your health!  Coach Alan will be there to guide you and hold you accountable on a pathway to realizing new, healthy daily habits!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Game Changer

This 6 Month Program includes 24 weekly sessions….a combination of Health Coaching Session and Personal Training.  This program will teach you the skills to not only set and achieve health and wellness goals, but make them long lasting.  Incorporate behavior changes that will keep you on track on-going.  An investment in your health!



Integrative Health Coach & Fitness Trainer