Cookbook Club

For our next gathering….whenever it is we are actually cleared to gather again…we’ll explore the Low-FODMAP. What the heck is a low-FODMAP diet, and why should you try it? Because it helps soothe your gut and relieve IBS symptoms. The Low-FODMAP Diet for Beginners teaches you all about how FODMAPs—a certain class of carbohydrates—can trigger bloating, gas, and stomach pain, especially in people with IBS. It shows you how to manage your diet so you can feel better faster. This book claims to make it simple and accessible to discover relief from IBS and upset guts.

Come explore some new healthy recipes and meet some of your neighbors!  Pick out a recipe, whip it up in your own kitchen and bring it to our club meeting to share with others. 

First Wednesday of the month 6:30pm

Brunswick Forest Community Commons.

Spots are limited so reserve yours today by signing up at the Fitness Center or call 910-342-2215.

Cost $5 (Coach Alan is bringing the eating utensils and Wine!)